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My showings are not getting imported for my listings

Mel M. -

If you know that you had showings that are not reflected in the system or you received an email or message that your lockbox credentials failed, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Login and run a sync test on your lockbox by following this navigation: 

  • Go to SHOWINGS>>SETUP LOCKBOX in your Pro Agent Solutions account


  • Select the proper lockbox profile with the "Lockbox Profile" selector if you have multiple lockboxes loaded


  • Click the "Sync Test" button in the bottom left of the screen under the actions menu
    • It will take a couple of minutes for the sync test to run and it will return a value on the test of either "Failed" or "Pass"



If the sync test returns the value of "Fail," then:

  • Frequently the issue is that the Login Credentials for your Lockbox Profile were updated/changed, and the updated info was not entered into the PAS Account. Check your login credentials on your Lockbox Profile account, and confirm if they are updated by clicking the Pencil Icon to the right of your Lockbox Profile information
  • You will need to enter the username and password which you would use to login to the website of your lockbox provider (Supra or Sentrilock). Going to their website and logging in is the best way to test that you entering the proper username/password in PAS.


  • You can then enter the correct information, click SAVE, and then click SYNC TEST again, to check the new information


If the sync test returns the value of "Pass," then:

  • First confirm if you have the correct lockbox number attached to the listing and that it aligns with the lockbox number that you have on this listing in your electronic lockbox (Supra, Sentrilock) account.
  • Next confirm that the listing status is set to one that will import showings. Those are detailed in this help article here.
  • Pro Agent Solutions is able to connect to your lockbox to pull showings. You can change the number of days the Program backdates to grab showings by going to SETTINGS


  • Scroll down to Number of Days to Backdate Import, and choose from 1, 3, 5, or 7 Days, and then click SAVE to update your settings.


    • Please note that it can take up to 24hrs for the Program to backdate and grab all missed Showings, as it's done in groups of Showings over that time. 


  • If after 24hrs you still notice Showings are missing, please check that you have the correct Lockbox Number attached to the Listing in your PAS Account. This can be done by going to LISTINGS>>MY LISTINGS, and checking the Lockbox Numbers assigned to the Listings, in the column on the right side.  
  • If you have the proper lockbox loaded, then next login to your Lockbox Profile account (with your credentials that were entered into your Lockbox Profile settings) and confirm that the Showings are available under your Lockbox Profile. If the Showings are in your Lockbox Profile account, please open a ticket with our support team by sending an email to and make sure to include the Listing address and MLS#, the Lockbox #, and the Showing details including date/time/showing agent name.


If these steps did not resolve the issue, then please open a support ticket here and a support agent will assist you with resolving the issue:

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