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Duplicate showings created when showing agent enters listing multiple times

Mel M. -

If an agent enters the same property with the electronic lockbox multiple times, it will import them all as separate showings. The reason it imports them as separate showings is that that showing agent could be showing it different times with different clients and we don't have a way to tell if the visits are for one client or multiple clients.

In the case where you have an agent that enters the property multiple times and it is all for the same client, there are 2 ways to stop additional emails:

  • Navigate to the showing at Showings>My Showings>click the magnifying glass to go to Showing Details>Click the blue "New Response" button on the left and enter the feedback manually and then save it which will capture the feedback and stop additional notifications going out on that showing.
  • Navigate to the showing at Showings>My Showings>click the pencil to go to the Edit Showing screen> decrease the value in the "Number of Request" field to "0 - No Emails Will Be Sent" and it will cease sending additional feedback requests on that showing. Be sure to click the green "Save" button on the left menu after making this update.

Note that there is also a setting you can adjust for the look-back period to detect a duplicate showing and not generate another showing in that time range. Here is how to set that:

  • In the agent account navigate to Settings>Showing Feedback>Time Range for Duplicate Showing
  • Select the time range you want in the dropdown where during that range it will not create a duplicate showing for the showing agent if they enter the property again.
  • Hit the green save button on the left after you have changed the setting

Also note that you can adjust the default setting on how many feedback requests go out for each showing that is imported. Here is how to do that:

  • Navigate to Settings>Showing Feedback>Number of Request  - This will determine how many email requests will go to the showing agent for each showing
  • Also note Settings>Showing Feedback>Send Interval will determine how often each of those requests go out
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