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How to track sales and commissions

Mel M. -

The Closing record in CRM Pro allows you to track your sales price and commissions for each of your closings for listings. Follow the below steps to track and pull a report of your sales and commissions.

  • Navigate to the agent portal at:
  • Create your closings at: Closings>Add New Closings and enter the details for your closing which are dependent on whether you are representing the buyer, seller or both
  • Your sales price and commission for each listing will be captured on the closing record
  • To pull a report of your sales and commissions navigate to: Closings>My Closings
  • Once you are at My Closings, select the listings you want to report on or click the select all box for all closings which is at the top left of the grid above the selections for the listings
  • Once you have selected the desired listings, click the blue Sales Report button on the left menu which will export a CSV (comma separated value) report of the selected listings
  • To perform calculations on the report, open it in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel where you can perform calculations on the report like computing a sum or average on the sales price or commissions or filtering by certain time frames
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