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How To Import Contacts

Jim Turner -

Follow the below steps to import your contacts into the CRM Pro Module:

  • On the main menu in navigate to Contacts>Import Contacts per the screenshot below
  • Follow the onscreen directions to export your contacts from Outlook, Gmail or any other contact management or CRM solution and import them into CRM Pro

Notes on the import process:

  • The import process will look for matches on duplicate records within your import sheet, or records which are in your import sheet that are duplicates of existing contact records in PAS
  • Contacts are considered duplicates only if all mapped fields are the same
  • Definition of Import Options:
    • "Treat Duplicates as Errors":
      • When it finds matches within your import spreadsheet, it will create an amended sheet to download where the first column will have the word "duplicate" in both rows and it will not import either duplicate row
      • When it finds a match within your existing PAS contacts, it will mark the word "duplicate" in the first column of the sheet and not import it
    • "Ignore Duplicates": When it finds matches, the record is skipped in the import process
    • "Duplicates in import replace the original contact": When it finds matches, it deletes the existing contact and re-ads the contact based on the data from your import spreadsheet


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