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Overview of Settings page configurations

Mel M. -

Below is an overview of the settings found on the Settings page for Showing Pro. You can navigate to this page at Settings then Showing Feedback section.



  • Number of Request: Determines the number of feedback requests sent to the Showing Contact which is typically the Showing Agent
  • Send Interval: Determines how often the feedback requests are sent
  • Time Range for Duplicate Showings: Determines the time window to detect duplicate showings and prevent creating a new showing. A duplicate showing is determined by the email address of the Showing Contact
  • Number of Days to Backdate Import: Determines the time window to look back for imports from an electronic lockbox
  • Allow Seller to Enter New Showing: Creates the ability for a seller to enter a showing on their own in the client portal
  • Allow Questionnaire Answers Optional: Configures whether answering questions in a showing feedback request by the Showing Contact are optional or required to submit the form
  • Show Private Comment Box: When on a private comments box will show on the Showing Feedback Request form where the private comments will only be viewable by the listing agent and not the seller.
  • Show Public Comment Box: When on a public comments box will show on the Showing Feedback Request form where the public comments will be viewable by both the listing agent and the seller.
  • Hide Showing Agent's Info: When on it will not display the Showing Agent contact information to the seller
  • Send Thank You Email to Showing Agent: When activated, a thank you email will be sent to the Showing Agent after they complete a feedback request
  • Show Feedback Response Details: When activated, details of showing feedback responses will be displayed in email notifications
  • Feedback Request Message: Details the message that will go into the Feedback Request emails any strings that start and end with ## are mergetags which will automatically insert data from the showing into them.
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