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How to schedule a showing

Mel M. -

  • Navigate to Activities>Schedule Showing
  • Select the proper listing
  • Select the showing Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
  • Select the Listing contact (Listing Agent), Showing Contact (Showing Agent or Buyer) and Seller Contact (Home Seller)
  • If you don't have their contacts in your account yet, then select "Add New Contact" and a dialogue will appear to add them as a contact
  • If you are a team using Pro Agent Solutions, consult with the Broker Lite Getting Started Guide to see how to activate contact sharing between agent accounts
  • Once you have selected the 3 contacts, also select the "Require Confirmation" box beside the contacts who require approval before the showing is approved. This selection will trigger approvals to confirm before the showing confirmation notices go out to the three parties
  • Select a reminder if you want a reminder to be sent to the three showing contacts prior to the showing.
  • Last, update the settings for showing feedback request that will go out after the showing which include: Number of Requests, Send Interval, Email Template, Questionnaire and whether to Schedule feedback emails for after showing date/time
  • Once you hit save and continue, this will create an activity record to track in your calendar and a showing record for the showing feedback requests


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