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How to give your seller access to the client portal

Mel M. -

With Pro Agent Solution's Showing Pro, you can provide showing feedback to your seller via email, PDF Listing & Showing Reports or via the client portal. This help article explains how to give them access to the client portal.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a contact for your seller
  • Make sure they are assigned as a contact on their listings and set their email notifications if relevant
  • Go to Contacts > My Contacts > click the magnifying glass by the proper contact to go to the Contact Details page
  • Once on the Contact Details page, go to the Login Info tab highlighted in red below and enter a Username and Password for your client and hit the green Save button on the left
  • Your client will receive an email with the login URL, their username and their password

  • Once your client logins in at the seller portal at they will see the portal below.
  • They can navigate to the My Account tab and change their password there as detailed in the screenshot below.
  • The other tabs will allow them to see their showing feedback on the other tabs

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