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How to create listing & showing reports

Mel M. -

You can easily create listing and showing feedback reports for sellers and team members with a click of the mouse. The listing report provides summary information and the showing report compiles all feedback received on the listing including comments from open-ended questions. 

Running a listing report:

  • Navigate to Listings > My Listings on the agent portal menu from the green bar at the top of the screen


  • Click the magnifying glass icon on the far right under the Actions column in the row of the listing 


  • Click the blue Reports button on the left column highlighted in green below


  • You will see the report details on the screen. 
  • Click the blue Create PDF button on the left to export a PDF report to share with your seller



Running a showing report:

  • Navigate to Showings > My Showings on the agent portal menu from the green bar at the top of the screen


  • See the screenshot below for an example of where to find the showing reports. Showings with feedback will be marked with a green checkmark.  The feedback report can be accessed by clicking on the PDF under the Actions menu highlighted in green below



Print Grid of showings:

Follow the directions in the screenshot below to filter on your showings at Showings>Your Showings and then print them or save them as a PDF in soft copy format to distribute.



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