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How to view your email message event history

Mel M. -

In Pro Agent Solutions, you can view the message event history for emails sent out of the software as part of the Email History. This feature allows you to confirm that an email was successfully sent and also whether the email was opened or clicked by the recipient. This feature is available under the Email History tab found on the Contact, Listing, and Showing records.

Here is how you can view that:

  • Go to the Contacts>My Contacts, Listings>My Listings or Showings>My Showings and click the Magnifying Glass icon on the proper record to see the details tab
  • On the details page for the Contact/Listing/Showing, click the Email History tab and you will see the history of emails sent out through PAS for that record
  • To see the message event history, click on the small black triangle (see screenshot below) and it will expand the email history for that email to show the message event history

Legend of message event statuses:

  • Sent: The email was successfully sent from the PAS email server
  • Delivered: The email was successfully accepted by the recipient server
  • Opened: The Opened status will show for each time the recipient opened the email or anyone they forwarded the email to
  • Clicked: The Clicked status will show for each time the recipient clicked on a link in the email or anyone they forwarded the email to

Screenshot of where to find Message Event History:



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