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Ordering sign riders for Digital Flyer

Jim T. -

Once you sign up for and configure Digital Flyer, you will want to purchase sign riders to go on your yard signs. 

  • Pro Agent Solutions can provide sign riders through our sign vendor or you can purchase them from your local sign company.
  • We offer signs made of corrugated plastic or PVC, which is more durable and slightly more expensive. The more signs ordered the lower the cost per sign.
  • If you would like sign rider pricing, please contact us here or call 800-245-1526
  • We recommend you add multiple Text IDs to your account and order signs for them all at once. You should set up enough Text IDs to be able to rotate them across all of your listings without running out. 
  • We recommend, as an example, the sign riders say "Text 101 to 555-555-1212 for more information" 
  • Do not order sign riders until you have confirmed your Text IDs with Pro Agent Solutions. The ID "101" is an example ID and will not be your actual ID.
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