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Sharing data between agent accounts under a broker account

Mel M. -

For PAS agent accounts which are provisioned out of a broker portal account, the agent accounts are children of the parent broker account. The below guidance will detail how you can share contacts between agent accounts which are children to a parent broker account.


  • This is a feature of CRM Pro so you need this subscription to get this feature
  • This feature will share all contacts each agent account has with the other agent accounts provisioned under the broker account
  • The agent account which added the contact is the owner of the contact and you can see if a contact is owned by a different agent by navigating to Contacts>My Contacts in the agent account
  • Currently the other record types such as activities, listings, showings and closings are not shared so the owner of the contact will be the only one who can use the contact with the other record types. As such when you navigate to the contact record, only the owner of the contact will see the buttons to activate these record types on the contact record.
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