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How to export your contacts from to import into CRM Pro

Jim T. -

Please follow the below steps to export your contacts from Classic so that you can import them into CRM Pro from Pro Agent Solutions:

  1. Log into SalesForce Classic
  2. Click “Report” at the top of the page
  3. Click “New Report”
  4. Under “Select Report Type” double-click “Accounts and Contacts”
  5. In the drop down, click “Contacts and Accounts”
  6. Click “Create” on the right side of the page
  7. Before running the report, clear the “From” Date Field so there is no date restriction
  8. After clearing the date field, click “Run Report”
  9. Click “Export Details”
  10. Next to “Export File Format” choose “Comma Delimited .csv”
  11. Click “Export”
  12. Send your exported contact list to the PAS support team at this form here and we can assist you with uploading them, or you can upload them yourself by following the instructions found here.



  • It is possible that your administrator has updated your account permissions to disable the ability for you to export your contacts. If you are unable to perform the functions above in Classic, then please consult with your Salesforce administrator
  • If you are in the Lightning Experience user interface, then you will need to switch to Salesforce Classic to perform the above steps as the navigation is different in Lightning Experience.
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