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How to turn off feedback by text

Mel M. -

Pro Agent Solutions strives to build an industry-leading real estate technology platform using media including SMS texts. In the event, an agent prefers to only send feedback requests by email she can turn off feedback by text by following the below directions. 

  1. Navigate to Settings at the upper-right corner, in between My Account and My Billing.2020-01-10_02_39_48-Dashboard___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png
  2. In the Preferences & Settings page, scroll to the Showing Feedback section.2020-01-10_02_41_18-Setup_Preferences___Settings___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png
  3. Look for the Receive SMS notification for feedback request selector, set it to OFF.2020-01-10_02_44_01-Setup_Preferences___Settings___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png
  4. Click the green Save button under Actions on the right-side.2020-01-10_02_46_25-Setup_Preferences___Settings___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png


The short video below summarizes all of the above-mentioned steps:



Note:  For showing agents to receive feedback requests by text again, simply follow the above-mentioned steps but set the Receive SMS notification for feedback request selector back to ON, and click the green Save button under Actions in the right-side.



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