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Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Mel M. -

  • Google SSO allows existing Pro Agent Solutions (PAS) users to now log into their PAS accounts with their Gmail email and password, which means they have one fewer password to manage!

How existing PAS users can log in with their Gmail email

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in with Google to log in.2019-11-22_23_23_27-Pro_Agent_Solutions___Secure_Login_Access.png
  3. Enter your Gmail email and then click Next.2019-11-21_03_21_50-Sign_in_-_Google_Accounts.png
  4. Enter your Gmail password and then click Next.2019-11-21_03_26_10-Sign_in_-_Google_Accounts.png

Note: After the first login and every time you need to log in, you will only need to click Sign in with Google. PAS users who didn’t set-up their account with a Gmail email will continue to login as they currently do using their PAS username and password unless they want to switch their PAS account email to a Gmail email.

Switching your PAS account email to your Gmail email 

PAS users who created their accounts with non-Gmail emails, but have Gmail accounts, can change their PAS account emails to take advantage of SSO. 

Follow these steps to update your PAS account email to your Gmail email:

  1. Log in and click on "My Account" in the upper-righthand corner.2019-11-26_00_03_31-Dashboard___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png
  2. Scroll down to "Email Addresses." Click on "Edit," change your email to your Gmail email, click "Update." Hit the green "Save" button on the left-hand column.  If you have more than one email, be sure your Gmail email is marked as "Primary." 2019-11-26_00_06_42-My_Account_Profile___Pro_Agent_Solutions.png


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