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How to setup lockbox profile

Mel M. -

  • Go to SHOWINGS>>SETUP LOCKBOX while logged into your Pro Agent Solutions Dashboard


  • Select the Lockbox Company you use from the drop-down list


  • Enter the additional information for your Lockbox Profile, and then click SAVE


  • Click SYNC TEST to check your information. A Green PASSED means the information is good, and the Program can access your Showings. If you get a Red FAILED, that means something is incorrect, and you'll need to click on the Pencil Icon to the right, and try again. 


  • Now that your lockbox is synchronizing, you will want to import your lockbox numbers. To do that, click the blue Lockbox Management button in the menu on the left.
  • Next click the blue Import button and it will import your lockbox numbers so that they can be assigned to listings in your account.


  • As the last step you want to create your Exclude List to filter out importing showings from your lockbox for people that you do not want to track such as yourself or your appraisers.
  • To enter your Exclude List, click the blue button named "Exclude List" on the left menu and then enter the credentials relevant for your lockbox vendor there.



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