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How to update your credit card

Mel M. -

Please follow the below navigation to update your credit card on file with Pro Agent Solutions that is charged for your subscription:

  • Login to the Agent portal at:
  • If you are using the Broker portal to manage your agent accounts for your Team/Office, then that is where your credit card is stored that is billed for the agent accounts. You can login to the broker portal at:
  • You can reset your password with this help article if you can't remember it
  • Navigate to the Billing section when logged into the Agent/Broker Portal by clicking the "My Billing" link in the top right of the application


  • You can also navigate to the billing section if already logged in to an agent account by going to this link:
  • Select the blue "+ New Card" button in the menu on the left side of the page
  • Enter your card information and make sure you select "Make Primary"
  • Submit the form and this entry will become the primary card that is charged for your Pro Agent Solutions subscription


Notes to make sure the card processes successfully:

  • Please make sure you type your name and address the same way it is written on the credit card bill
  • Make sure to enter the security code in the field titled "CVV (security code)." For Visa/Mastercard this is the three digit number on the back and it is a four digit number on the front form Amex.
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