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Email a contact

Mel M. -

Follow the below steps to email a contact you have in the CRM Pro module:

  • First, find the contact in the agent portal with this navigation: Contacts>Your Contacts>use Quick Search in the left menu to locate the contact


Send an Email to One Contact:

  • Once you have located the contact, then click on the green magnifying glass to the right of the contact to go to contact details where you will find two buttons on the left menu which say "Send Email"
  • The top "Send Email" button will allow you to send the email from CRM Pro using email templates from your Library and using merge tags in the templates
  • The bottom "Send Email" button will open up your default email program set locally on your computer (Outlook, Gmail,...) with an email to that contact

Send an Email Blast to Multiple Contacts:

  • In the Your Contacts view, select the contacts desired by clicking the box to the left of the contact or click the box at the top of that column to select all contacts on the page
  • You can go to the bottom of the page to increase the number of contacts on the page to select more
  • Make sure to deselect contacts without an email address
  • Click the blue "Email" button in the left menu after selecting the contacts and the Email Contacts interface will open with the contacts selected
  • Once in the Email Contacts interface, you can draft the email or select an email template from your library to use and/or modify
  • After drafting your email, click the send button and the emails will be sent out of the PAS email servers
  • You can review the click/open history on the contact records and this article explains how
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