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How to edit email templates for Showing Feedback

Jim T. -

Please follow the below steps to edit your Showing Feedback related email templates


  • Navigate to where the standard email templates are held in the Vault this way: Setup>Library and then click the blue Vault button on the left
  • Filter on "Showing" in the Group column with the funnel icon at the top of the column
  • Select the template(s) that you want to edit and click the blue Import button on the left menu to import the template from the Vault into your Library of templates
  • Next navigate back to your Library at Setup>Library and edit your template by clicking the pencil icon for the row.
  • When you are editing your template, be sure to change the title so you are clear later on which is the version you want to select
  • You can watch this help video which details how to use the editor to edit your emails
  • Once you have edited the email template and are happy with it, you will need to update which template is used by Feedback Pro
  • Navigate to Setup>Settings and scroll down to the Email Templates section seen in the screenshot below
  • Go to the Email Template that you want to change and then in the drop-down select your revised template by Library title that you want to use
  • Once you have made the change click the Green save button on the top left menu
  • Now that you have changed the template, you should test it by creating a new showing for one of your listings manually by going to Showings>Add New Showings


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