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Printing Sign Riders for Digital Flyer

Jim T. -

Once you sign up for and configure Digital Flyer, you will want to purchase sign riders to go on your signs you have for your listings. Here are suggested steps for that below:

  • We recommend that you go to the company that you get your existing signs from to get sign riders. The reason is that they understand your existing sign configuration best and can easily sell you sign riders that fit on the sign.
  • We recommend that you go ahead and set up multiple Text IDs in your account and order signs for them all at once. You should set up enough Text IDs to be able to rotate them across all of your listings without running out. 
  • There is a cost to add additional phone numbers, but there is no additional charges for additional Text IDs.
  • We recommend you say something like "Text 101 to 555-555-1212 for details" on the sign rider where 101 is the Text ID and 555-555-1212 is the Phone Number you added into your account.
  • Do not order sign riders until you have confirmed your Text IDs with Pro Agent Solutions. The ID "101" is an example ID and will not be your actual ID.
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