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Getting Started with Broker Lite

Mel M. -

First, welcome onboard! We are excited that you are giving Pro Agent Solutions a shot and we want to make sure we help you with getting started with the least time and effort. Follow the steps below to get started with your Broker Lite account to manage your team of agent accounts. You will need to be logged in to access any links below in the software application.

You do not need to be a broker to get a broker account. It is the name of the portal for our team solution. Note that broker accounts are not provisioned during a free trial. You will need to reach out to us to set on up for you. You can however take an existing agent account from a free trial and convert it to be part of a team if we provision a broker account for you.

  • Login at with your username and password provided with and bookmark that page.
  • You can reset your password if you can't remember it on the login page by clicking the "reset your password" link
  • Once you have logged in, please click the "My Billing" link in the top right which will take you here when logged in to your Billing Profile
  • First, click the blue button "+ New Card" on the left in the Billing Profile page to add the credit card you want to be billed for the child agent accounts
  • Next, click the blue "Subscriptions" button on the left menu to go here to review your broker and agent subscriptions
  • Then click the blue button on the left menu "Invoices" to review your history of invoices
  • The blue button on the left menu for "Transactions" will show you your history of credit card payment transactions
  • Next click the "My Account" link in the top right to go here and review and update your account information for the broker account
  • To change your password click the blue "Password" button on the left menu from My Account to go here
  • Update your data sharing settings using this article for guidance
  • Now you are ready to add Agents. First review your existing agent accounts by going to Agents>Your Agents in the top menu which takes you here
  • On the Your Agents page, go to the Actions column and click the magnifying glass to see the agent account details and the green lock icon to login to that agents account
  • You can add additional agents by going to Agents > Add New Agents which takes you here
  • You can cancel agent accounts for your broker account by navigating to: > Agents > Your Agents > find proper agent with quick search > click magnifying glass on right of agent name > click red "Cancel Agent" button on left menu
  • Once you have the agent accounts added, you can follow the Getting Started with CRM Pro and the Getting Started with Showing Pro help articles for guidance on configuring those accounts.

Once you have completed those steps you are mostly there. If you have issues, here is how to address them:

  • You can find help articles to resolve common issues and get started here
  • If you have any challenges, open a ticket here to request support. Note that your login will be different for the Help Center as we wanted to allow operations folks to be able to open tickets for agents on the behalf with their own contact information
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